Selling your house is kind of a big deal. We understand how important communication, support, and honesty are for any kind of relationship, and we strive to bring those to your house selling adventure. We are open, we listen and we validate how you’re feeling throughout the process.

We share our experience and education so you are able to make an informed decision on one of the biggest transactions of your life.

Here are 5 hot tips for selling your house this spring or summer

1. Multiple offers are good, but you can still only accept one. 

Pay no attention to those who are raving about receiving a dozen or more offers. Lots of agents are boasting about how great they are at procuring multiples these days, but this is a condition of our limited supply, not necessarily the outstanding skills of an agent. You should know that if your house is priced right and put together nicely (meaning clean and staged in a welcoming way), you WILL get multiple offers. While it is nice to have a few offers to pick from, at a certain point you’re just getting too many buyer’s hopes up and will be breaking lots of hearts. We’ll discuss a strategy with you for handling this that works best for your goals as a seller.

2. Plan on being somewhere else for the weekend. 

With the current limited housing supply and COVID protocols (read: no overlapping showings), it is likely you’ll have to be out of your house and somewhere else from sunup to sundown on the first weekend your house listing is live. Grab an AirBnB, get a hotel, or stay with family for a few days. Once we’ve got a few offers we know we can work with, we will cut off showings and you can return home and get back to normal for the time being.

3. Fix the things that are broken around your house.

But talk to one of our amazing agents before you undertake costly renovations or major updates. We will help you decide what is worth spending your time and energy on and what is better left to the next owner. Lots of sellers want to complete projects to have the house show the way they would have liked it, but your buyers are coming in with fresh eyes and ideas and will likely have a different taste than you. 

4. Be organized and look pretty! 

Your house, that is. You always look pretty! 😘 Because you can expect a ton of traffic, it’s great to have the majority of your stuff packed up and out of the way before you officially list your house. Besides, you’ll likely be moving in 30-45 days anyway so you might as well start packing now! We will plan a strategy based on your goals and our experience. This may include a ‘coming soon’ period, professional photography, 3D tours, or seeking an off-market buyer. In order for us to orchestrate these items, it’s best for you to have the majority of your personal items packed up and a deep clean done so the house looks pristine as we begin our marketing process.

5. Have one of our professional and oh-so-amazing agents guide you through the process. 

 We hear it all the time; “houses sell themselves!” And while there is low supply and high demand, you still need an agent. A skilled agent manages everything on your behalf so all you have to worry about is packing up and moving out. Especially with our crazy conditions right now, we are fielding hundreds of phone calls, texts, and emails for each listing in a weekend. We are vetting lenders and helping you compare pros and cons of each offer. We are negotiating offers and inspections which can net you tens of thousands or more, and making sure none of the little stuff falls through the cracks. Leaning on an amazing agent during your sale is the most important thing you can do to have a positive and minimally stressful move!

So, here we are!

You’ve decided there’s no time like the present to sell the house you’ve got so you can move into your next home. (Who isn’t in need of some space and a fresh start after this past year, ammirite?!) 

What do you do next?

We’ve outlined all of your next stepswe’ve even created a handy dandy flow chart that explains how to simultaneously sell the house you have while buying your next one (in case you haven’t had to do that before…we do it all the time!). You can get all of that important info here.

If you’re dreaming of your next home, but unsure what the steps are, we’re here to guide you. From understanding your current home’s valuation to viewing new options, Brick & Banister is with you every step of the way.

Don’t forget to grab those free cheat sheets!

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