Our List of Awesome People

This is our shortlist of local resources for all kinds of useful things we like and use again and again. All of these people run great businesses and take great care of their customers. We love supporting them and we hope you will check them out.






Brad Nolan with Bell Mortgage
Office: (651) 783-5211
Brad and Brick & Banister Real Estate Co. do a TON of work together. He always gets his deals closed on time and makes sure our clients know what they are getting themselves into. He is a pleasure to have on our team.

Hard Money Lender

Sean Blomquist with Pine Financial Group.
Office: (612) 314-5626
Hard money lending for flippers or people looking to invest in rental real estate.

Commercial Financing

Sean Carney with Bell Mortgage
Office: (952) 905-5050

Mark Harris with Eagle Community Bank
Office: (763) 404-6997

Title & Closings

Nicole Paulson with Title Smart.
Office: (651) 779-3075

Nicole makes closings a breeze! Always organized, always early, always a delight.  Nicole loves her job and you can tell.


Real Estate Attorneys

Will Torhorst with Thiel Anderson Kukla PLLP
Office: (952) 920-8447
Will is always available when we have questions about any kind of legal matter, but his primary focus is on real estate, and businesses.

Gene Adkins with Hitchcock Law Firm
Office: ‭(651) 289-8321
We’ve had clients use Gene in the past for matter of probate and other estate issues.

Home Inspectors

Randy Hagemo with Omega-H Inspections
Contact: (612) 558-0672
We use him ALL the time! He does a very thorough job and provides a useful report. He is quick with scheduling and my buyers have raved about him. 


Sally Anderson with Excel Accounting
Office: (612) 804-9554
Sally has been helping with our business for several years now. She does a great job with our investment properties and unwinding all of the complicated business stuff that makes tax time a huge pain.



Zoe Liston with ZCL Appraisals
Contact: (952) 457-4517
She is the best appraiser of all and is also a super smart and tech savvy educator. If you need an appraisal or have a REALLY hard question, call her. 


With Buyer’s Eyes
I met Kristy at my super awesome gym and couldn’t wait to give her a shot. She has done beautiful work staging seller’s properties.


Patriki Plumbing
Contact: (612) 490-5263

Tony’s Plumbing
Contact: (612) 578-2839


Randy Smith with Randy’s Electric
Contact: (763) 537-7420

Jerry Gannucci with King Electric
Contact: (612) 280-5410

Radon Mitigation

Walt with Advanced Radon Services
Contact: (952) 270-5081
Call Walt to get all of your radon questions answered. He is thorough and knowledgeable with fair pricing and tons of experience.

Water filtration and purification

Richard’s Custom Water
Contact: (952) 240-0470
Probably the single most important house project there is. I’ve made this my first priority every time I buy a new house. Richard is fantastic, he knows more about water than anyone I’ve ever met and offers a variety of systems to meet your needs and budget. He is also probably the nicest human. Get that crap out of your water and you’ll see big changes in your health. 

General Contractors

Erik Anderson with Woodcrest Builders
Contact: (651) 246-9457

Nick Clements with CCM Property Solutions.
Contact: (612) 382-6048 

Sheetrock/Ceiling texture

Jerrod Stadheim
Contact: (507) 383-1991 


Chuck Cloutier with Water Management Services
Contact: (612) 282-2093
This is Amy’s Dad 🙂 and he is also awesome. If you need sprinklers or anything related to sprinklers. Call him.


Imperial Seal
Contact: (952) 454-5874

Crossroads Paving
Contact: (763) 443-4773


Chris Richmond with Tacheny Exteriors
Contact: (651) 329-1385

Matt Kappel with SMA Exteriors and Restoration
Contact: (763) 315-8900


Matt Mathias with Matt’s Moving Co
Contact: (651) 210-8271

Estate sales/Junk removal

Empty The Nest

Junk King

Junk 360


Non House Related Awesome People and Businesses

This is my shortlist of local resources for all kinds of good stuff that I like and use again and again. All of these people run great businesses and take great care of their customers. I love supporting them and I hope you will check them out.


Synergize Yoga
Kamie Slegers
An amazing resource for yoga, Ayurveda, healing of all kinds and more. To be fair, she is one of Amy’s besties, but she also has the best yoga studio around. You won’t find anyone more qualified or caring. She continues to amaze us with her ongoing education and certifications to become a better teacher.

The Clinic of Acupuncture
Jill Neukam
If you haven’t tried it yet, you should! Amazing for pain management and all over well being. If you’ve got something funky going on, Jill is your girl. She can help with all kinds of ailments and you will feel amazing when you leave her office.




InnerLight Chiropractic
Dr. Russ
He has taken care of Amy and her daughter since they moved to the northern burbs. He’s great with the kiddos and his wife, Anna, is a ray of sunshine. 

Desired Health Chiropractic
Dr. Desiree
She is so gentle and friendly you almost don’t know you’re getting adjusted. Great with kiddos and mamas, too! 

Complete Chiropractic
Dr. Diane and Dr. Dan
Both got Amy through her first pregnancy migraine free! Their massage therapists are great, too!



Awaken for Wellness
Chris Richmond 

Whenever you have something super weird and deep and achey bugging you, give Chris a call. He got Amy’s jaw to release after 20+ years of nightly clenching. We won’t say they are particularly relaxing massages, but it certainly gets the job done of relieving tension.