In our seventh and final Spring Spruce Up article, Jamie tackles the dreaded car cleanout.

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If you’re like most people with kids these last few weeks, they probably haven’t been in the car at all, or at least very little! I thought this would be the perfect time to clean it out. With 2 littles, one of which goes to a preschool that plays outside most of the day (and who likes to roll in the mud before getting into the car to come home), there are tons of snacks and wrappers that just “got lost”. And, with my being busy and not wanting to clean out a car all winter, it was time.

I rolled the giant trash can over to the car and pretty much threw everything out, including a sippy cup full of milk (blahhhh). I filled a bag with towels, lost hats, socks, and gloves to bring inside to pack away for the year. Luckily, I still had a vacuum in my car from my last tenant turnover cleanup so I vacuumed up enough sand to fill a sandbox, and goldfish to keep a child alive for a year. I sprayed down and wiped seats, doors, and anything plastic.

Now, my goal was to take the seat covers off and wash those as well, but, if you’ve ever taken one of those off, you know the struggle to get them back on-so, I just wiped them down a bit instead.

So, I finally have a mostly clean car (the back still has a bunch of tools, smoke detectors, random crap we may or may not need on the go with rentals), and it should stay clean until we can start taking the kids places again!

*And I found a small bottle of hand sanitizer! *



Share your before and after car cleanout photos in the comments below!

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