After moving into my house less than a year ago I’ve come across many little things I wanted to change about the place to fit my needs more than that of the previous owners. I enjoy DIY projects, so I try to do them often. I figured next on my list should be to finally tackle a DIY closet renovation.

The upstairs hallway closet has been driving me nuts since moving in. I envisioned it holding a broom or mop and my vacuum, not just a mess! The before closet was divided into two separate sections with four doors total.  Both sections, in my opinion were pretty deep and a waste of space. I felt like I lost things in there! Beyond the front of those shelves, I had no idea what was in there.

I knew with some time and little money I could make the space more useful and better looking.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step of what I did:

  • Cleared out everything I had shoved in there
  • Removed the doors and saved them for later
  • Removed the shelves and drawers and anything else holding up shelves and taking space
  • Removed the baseboard trim
  • Tore out the carpet that was on the floor
  • Washed, patched and painted the walls
  • Found just enough wood flooring left in the garage from previous owners that was used throughout main floor of house
  • Painted and fitted base trim back in
  • Cut 4 smaller shelves from the old doors I removed
  • Cut 1 larger shelf from a piece of plywood that I removed from closet
  • Purchased and added some adjustable shelving tracks
  • Purchased and added a few command-type hooks to organize mops and other small items
  • Purchased and added a small motion light
  • Purchased a couple 1×4’s and some 1/4 inch plywood—designed and made a custom fit door for the single door look I was going for
  • Painted and and added a small knob on the door
  • Mounted a few hinges
  • Filled the shelves up in an organized fashion
  • Hung the mops and placed the vacuum into it’s new home

Then I closed the door and smiled. 🙂

Before and after of Karin’s DIY closet renovation

Once again I enjoyed a simple little DIY project to improve my home. I’m now ready for the next… Stay Tuned!

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