When I was little, we had a GIANT sandbox—I would say it had to have been at least 6’x10′. My brothers and I spent so much time in that sandbox. Now that I have my own kids, I have been wanting to build them a good sized sandbox of their own. I finally decided to get it done this past weekend! Follow along below for an easy & inexpensive DIY sandbox build!

I ended up doing a 6’x6′ sandbox, this is what I bought:


  • 4 2x12x6 treated boards
  • 1 4x4x4 treated post. I had to buy a larger size since they didn’t have a 4′.
  • 2 1/2″ deck screws. Make sure you have the correct drive bit for the screws you buy!
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Play sand. I got 30 bags, I could have bought more, but wasn’t sure I should add much more weight in my SUV.
  • You’ll also need a shovel, level, drill, staple gun, and saw (Menards does have a saw you can use there if you don’t have one!)

You want to mark out where your box will go, and start digging out a hole a few inches deep.

Once I dug out a good amount of dirt, I put the 4 2x12s in place and used a level to make sure I removed enough dirt. 

I then cut down the 4×4. The 2x12s are actually only 11 1/4″ high, so I cut the 4×4 to that length on this teeny saw. (Our nice one is at our flip.)

The 4×4 pieces were the corner supports, so I drilled 6 holes on each side of the 2x12s where they would be screwed into the 4×4.
I then screwed everything in, and drilled more holes where the 2x12s met up with each other, and put 2 more screws on each of those ends
Then I cut up the landscape fabric. I did 3 overlapping strips both ways, so 6 altogether. I put it under the wood, but didn’t realize we didn’t have a staple gun at our house! This is where I wanted to staple the fabric on the outside of the sandbox

Then comes the sand!! 

After I staple the fabric, I will fill around the outside of the sandbox back with dirt. But, for now, the kids finally have their own DIY sandbox! This only took a total of 4 or 5 hours between 2 days, just on my own. Well, the boys ‘”helped”. They were so excited, and wanted to help throughout the processyes they got in the way more than they didn’t, but I’m all for letting them learn and realize ‘this takes soooooo long’ (as Lincoln kept saying). I even let them “drill” a few holes, they absolutely loved being able to help build it!

Finished DIY sandbox!


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