So, as I sit here on my due date trying to think of good “how to get baby out of my body” projects, it dawns on me that whomever thought it was a good idea to use white grout for floor tile was an evil, evil person! Either that person did not have any kids, pets, a husband or maybe they just weren’t the one responsible for cleaning said floor tile with white grout. Now, I like to think I’m not some horribly disgusting person who never cleans her floors, but I do have a few factors that work against me: kids, pets, husband.

This is not a particularly glamorous job by any means. It will require you on your hands and knees with a scrub brush, but you will be amazed at the difference it will make! For those of you who are working towards selling your home soon (or maybe you just moved into your new home) it’s important to keep in mind that a huge turnoff for a new buyer is a dirty house and even doing some of the simplest of tasks can make an impact.

After doing some searching online and trial and error here is my favorite method that I have found thus far (although a house cleaner would in fact be much preferred, lol):


Step 1:

Mix ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide, ½ cup
baking soda and 1 teaspoon Dawn dish soap.

Step 2:

Using a small scrub brush spread the paste over the grout and let it sit about 10-15 minutes.

Step 3:

Give it a good scrub.

Step 4:

Wipe clean with water.

Step 5:

Once grout is dry, follow up with a grout sealer for longer lasting results.



*Pictured is a high traffic area directly in front of my fridge. The grout will look it’s whitest once dry.

There you have it! It’s as easy as that! What methods do you use that work for you?

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