We’ve reached that time of year where inevitably the housing market has slowed, and you may be wondering if your home will ever actually sell!

As cold weather is looming, and the holidays being just around the corner (maybe all of those Facebook posts about how many weekends until Christmas excite you….maybe they don’t), you may be getting desperate and wondering what more you can do to get your house sold and to be able to move into that home of your dreams.

I’ve recently been intrigued by the story behind Saint Joseph and why/how he’s able to do what your trusted real estate agent has yet to do…..sell your home!

Maybe you know of him and maybe you don’t, but Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of families, carpenters, working people and home sellers. He was the husband to Virgin Mary and the earthly father of Jesus. Saint Joseph taught Jesus the trade of carpentry and always ensured Jesus had a home which is why it is said he helps us sell homes today.

So, how did the tradition start??

Hundreds of years ago, nuns in Europe were in desperate need of more land to continue their much needed work. They buried medals of Saint Joseph in the ground and prayed. After only a short time their prayers were answered, and they got the land!

There is also a story of a man in the 1800’s who wanted to purchase land to build a chapel, but the current owners refused to sell. The man buried medals of Saint Joseph on the land and not long after the owners changed their minds and decided to sell.

It’s not really known how the idea of burying Saint Joseph medals turned into the practice of burying statues today. There are some variations as to how to do this, but this is the most common direction that I have found:

Saint Joseph is to be buried upside down about a foot deep into the ground next to your “for sale” sign facing the house. It is said the deeper he is buried the harder he must work to sell your home in order to get out of the ground. Saint Joseph needs to face your home, so he knows which home he is supposed to help. Out of respect you should wrap him in some sort of protective cloth or in a plastic bag to protect him from the elements.

Don’t have a home with a yard? Not a problem! You can also bury him in a pot near your front door. Once he is buried a prayer must be said to ask for his help. Some say you should pray for his help each day until your home sells.

Once your home has sold you are to dig him up, bring him with you to your new home and set him in a place of honor as thanks for all his hard work. It is important to know that if this last step is skipped the selling cycle of that home in which he is facing will continue until he is unearthed.

So, convinced yet and wondering where you too can get your very own Saint Joseph??

Saint Joseph home selling kits are available online for usually around $5-10 and come complete with instructions and a prayer card for those that might not know what to say as their prayer. It is important to know that you do not need to be a religious person in order for Saint Joseph to help you.

And there you have it!! Whether or not Saint Joseph actually works, or it was the hard, persistent work of your dedicated real estate agent I’ll let you be the judge!

Now, I want to hear your story! Did you rely on the trusted help from Saint Joseph to sell your home? Do you think he worked?


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