I was sitting at home in my sauna one morning relaxing and listening to music while scrolling through social media on my phone. I had come across a FB video Amy had posted about looking for more real estate agents to grow her Brick & Banister Real Estate Co. business. I was intrigued so naturally I watched the whole video and not just the first minute. I finished it! I then went about my day as my relaxation time was over. I however found myself coming back to that video in my head numerous times. I was thinking that the video really caught my attention. It got my wheels spinning. Could I become a real estate agent? Do I have what it takes? I had been interested in real estate in the past but never advanced beyond my interest.  I never had the push until that video that day so I took this as a sign. I decided to inquire more and messaged Amy. We met to chat and I was even more interested and by the end of our conversation I was excited. I knew it was a new challenge I wanted to take on so that is how it all began for me!

My own real estate experience started in 2006 when I had purchased my first home during the high peak of prices back then. I had no idea what I was doing as far as the process goes. I had a real estate agent who was, thinking back now, just in it for the money. I knew the house I purchased was solid as it was a flip my family had done but the financial/closing part was all just a blur. I had no idea what was happening…I just signed where they told me to sign. Looking back now after going through a great experience with an agent selling that place, I realized how important a great real estate agent is.

Although I am fairly new to this business I am excited to become a great real estate agent to anyone I can help. I enjoy helping people. I enjoy houses. Those are two main parts of what real estate consists of in my eyes. People looking for a place to call home.  I am always thinking of ways to make them unique or custom to the individual. I love DIY projects around the house big or small. It’s not uncommon for people to ask me to make things for them. I enjoy the challenge.

When I’m not doing real estate I am enjoying my time off or working as a St. Paul Firefighter. I have over 10 years working in the city and know the city well. I enjoy many aspects of that job but for the most part I enjoy helping people every work day!

B&B’s listings

B&B’s listings

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