Leana DeJesus

Since high school, I’ve had a passion for interior design and architecture which I planned to pursue a career in, however, a smooth-talking Army recruiter sold me on adventure and travel instead. I served in the Army for almost ten years, which included a tour in lraq. I then opted for a change of pace, and less adventure, which led me to a civilian government profession. Even with this career, my passion for all things real estate continued to grow. Fortunately, my consistent desire to do home improvement projects, cruise online real estate listings, and provide decor advice finally compelled me to follow my dreams of becoming a Realtor.

Before becoming a realtor, my career path had me frequently relocating to many different states and abroad in Germany. This gave me the opportunity to buy, build, remodel, and sell many houses as a homeowner. Due to these experiences, I truly understand the perspective of all types of buyers from first time homeowners to empty nesters smart sizing. I also understand that it is essential to have a quality realtor to guide you through the many steps of relocating, including pricing your home competitively, showing off its best features, and getting the best price as quickly as possible.

If I had to choose, my favorite kind of home would be the contemporary style home. I appreciate its simple aesthetic of large windows that let the natural light in, open-floor plans, clean lines, and neutral color palettes.  

I currently reside in Bloomington but have also had the opportunity to live and own homes in Brooklyn Park, Fridley, Lakeville, and Princeton. Minnesota is my favorite state to live in, not because I was born and raised here, but because of our beautiful four seasons. Something interesting about me—I lived in the same house until I was 18 years old, then lived in 18 different homes after that. Thankfully, I am settled again and happy to call Bloomington home.

When not realtoring, I am spending time with my close-knit family making memories. I also like exercising, especially when it involves others because I enjoy being around people. I am a people person and my career has always been focused on giving back. When it comes to real estate, the most exciting thing for me is that I get to help people reach their goals. It’s satisfying helping others through major milestones in their lives. I am passionate about my work and enjoy hands-on relationships with clients from all backgrounds and walks of life. I look forward to being the trusted voice that guides you through your real estate needs.

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