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I have had an obsession with houses, architecture, and interior design my entire life. At one point, I finally sat myself down and was like, why am I not in real estate?

Now that I’ve taken the leap and am living the real estate life, I can honestly say, and this may sound a bit cliche, but my favorite part about this job is helping people find the house of their dreams. I strongly believe that the spaces around us dramatically affect us in so many ways (i.e. motivation levels, mood, etc). When someone finds a house they love, can make it their own, and truly feel “at home”, that is a life changing experience. 

When it comes to my favorite places to sell houses, I enjoy the entire metro because there are so many fantastic areas in the Twin Cities. But, I live in Saint Paul, so I am a bit more bias to the entire eastside of the Twin Cities.

When I’m not busy being a realtor, I do a lot of freelance photography, branding, and website design/development. In addition, I absolutely love thrifting (I might be slightly obsessed) and enjoy doing random DIY projects or refinishing thrift finds.

Another fun fact? I am a world champion powerlifter, and have been competing since I was 15 years old.

When it comes to choosing a favorite style of house, I am deeply torn. I love the simplicity and functionality of mid century architecture and design, but I also love the charm and detail of the Victorian era. Overall, I definitely favor older homes, anything pre-1975ish I feel like I can picture myself living in.

And just like I can’t choose one style of house that is my favorite, I also feel like I couldn’t choose one kind of dream house, so I have a few:

I would have an a-frame cabin nestled in evergreens in the mountains of Montana.

I’d love an early 1900s home in the Summit Hill area in Saint Paul. I have a house I am in love with over there, so in a dream world I would own that house. It’s painted white and has black windows and a gorgeous carport.

Another dream house would be a pristine mid century rambler full of iconic mid century furniture and original artwork from the era as well. I feel like this house would be somewhere in California. 

 And lastly, I think it would be so much fun to own an original shotgun house down in New Orleans. It’d be decorated with quirky finds and artwork from the various cultures down there.

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