A lifetime of memories.

That’s what most people envision when they think about letting go of their parents’ home — especially if they’ve also spent time living under the same roof.

Whether your parents are still living or have passed on, it’s hard — really hard! — to get past the emotion. It’s overwhelming. It’s sad. It will bring up a ton of feelings. But the stark reality is, for most of the people reading this article, you need to think, not feel, your way through this process.

That’s the goal of this guide — to help you understand all of the elements that will come into play when you’re charged with helping your mother and/or father sell their home, before or after their death.

Selling a house is a major transaction, probably one of the biggest you’ll undertake in your life. It can be complicated by the fact that your parent(s), brother(s), and/or sister(s) may have their own opinions about how to move forward.

While every situation is different, this guide will introduce you to several common issues that come up when preparing to sell your parents’ home.

Just take it step by step, and know that there are resources to assist you — including us! If you’ve got questions right away, shoot us an email or text or call us today to set up a time to meet. We are always happy to discuss this process anytime.

Before We Dive In…

Selling a house on behalf of another, or helping an aging loved one with the sale of their house is challenging. There are usually a lot of moving pieces, not to mention a lot of actual STUFF to go through.

And when you add in the difficulty of grieving a recent loss with disagreeing family members… then sprinkle with emotional meltdowns, you’ve got a potentially volatile situation on your hands.

That’s why we stress the more you can do before your mom or dad pass away, the easier the entire process will be.

Before we dig too deep, I should remind you that we are not attorneys and we are not giving legal advice.

This article is divided into four categories: Lawyer Stuff, Tax Stuff, Who Handles What, and Emotional Elements. In our experience, each of these sections is critical, and can cause a ton of aggravation, stress, and discord among families if clear plans aren’t laid out before a parent passes away.

As uncomfortable as it may be to sit down with Mom and/or Dad and have the tough conversations about planning for their death, it’s so much easier to get their wishes in writing NOW, rather than struggling to retroactively determine their desires after they’ve passed away.

Losing a parent is hard enough without having to guess, argue, and even fight with siblings and other family members over “What Mom really would have wanted.” The only solution is to get it in writing NOW so you don’t have to guess later.

Part One: Lawyer Stuff.

Since we are not attorneys, we reached out to local attorney Will Torhorstwhom we’ve worked with in the past when we’ve needed real estate related legal advice. He can help you with any legal questions you may have when it comes to this subject!

As much as we’d like to proceed through life without having to enlist the services of an attorney, it’s almost impossible — especially when we’re dealing with someone else’s real estate.

In certain circumstances, you’re going to have to deal with lawyers, which is why this first s