Our second Spring Spruce Up post is all about deep cleaning your dishwasher! Check out Amy’s tips on how to make your dishwasher shine again.

Also, if need some more at-home projects to tackle during the quaratine, check out our last post here, about organizing and de-cluttering your laundry room.

Amy Tackles the Dishwasher

I’ve been running my dishwasher at least twice a day since we’ve all been home. And even though it gets the dishes clean, I’ve noticed a bit of funk coming out of it, even when it’s done running. Today I took about 20 minutes after it was done cleaning to clean the dishwasher itself and it made quite a difference! 

Obviously everyone’s dishwasher is a bit different, but there are some areas that I’m sure get neglected by all of us!

First I sprayed down all of the high touch and drip areas: the handles, buttons, front sides and bottoms.

The area of cabinetry just to the sides and right underneath was particularly disgusting.

 The outer edge of the inside of the door had a lot of built up grossness as well. 

I cleaned and scrubbed down the filters, sprayed and wiped out the inside of the dishwasher, and then reassembled. 

Taa daa!

This little extra effort resulted in a fresher, less stinky dishwasher and I feel accomplished! 

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