In our fifth Spring Spruce Up article Amy tackles all her typical junk spots! Check out how she began tidying up her surfaces.

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Tidying Up Horizontal Surfaces:

If you’ve got a full life and more than one person living in your house, chances are good that junk piles up quickly and frequently. Despite my best efforts, it’s really hard to keep up with. Today I took about 20 minutes and tackled all of my common junk pile up spots. 

The kitchen is the worst! Mail, kid stuff, cords, chargers, and all kinds of miscellaneous stuff lands on the counter. 

Our side tables around the sofa are big accumulators, too. Books, magazines, legos, remotes, mobility tools, pens, too many pairs of glasses, kitty toys and more find their way to settling on these tables.

For this project, I even roped my kid into sorting through the junk drawer. I had to bribe her (she wanted to take over my old fitbit. It is long dead but the charger was in this drawer. I told her if she cleaned and organized the drawer, she’d find the charger and could have the fitbit. Win/Win!).

This is not a hard task, it’s just an overlooked one. We pulled everything out, tossed what was trash, found homes for things that were not, wiped everything down, and put it all away. 

Here’s her finished junk drawer. She used velcro to tidy up the cords.

While I was at it with the side tables, I pulled the sofa out and vacuumed underneath. The kitties are VERY happy to have their toys back. Also, we are VERY dirty. 

Side tables wiped down and most of the junk removed. Only one active read on each table for now. 

Kitchen drop spot cleared of everything but the charging ipad and grocery list (it’s shopping day). 

I know this won’t last long, but this tiny bit of extra effort really makes my house more comfortable to be spending so much time in! Especially in these high traffic areas, too much junk can lead to crankiness and visual stress.

I’ve got one more MAJOR horizontal surface that needs attention: MY DESK. But that is a project for another day.

Cheers friends! Stay safe! Stay home!

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