Brick & Banister Real Estate Co. is now able to help you buy your next house (or sell the one you have) in WISCONSIN as well as in Minnesota!

That’s right, we’re partying in BOTH states now!

We currently have three agents who are duly licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin and are able to swing deals in either state. 

Until now, our amazing brokerage was only able to help you on the Minnesota side of the river. It was frustrating because we love helping buyers and sellers everywhere. And Wisconsin isn’t that far at all, so it was a bummer for us to have to tell our lovely clients that we couldn’t help them out when they needed us on the other side of the state line.

So, because we love our clients and do the best we can for them, we fixed that predicament. 🙂 

Now we can help you over there, too!

Here’s what our MN/WI licensed agents have to say:

Home is where you make it! Want to go to Wisconsin and check out beautiful homes that you can own? I’m with you, keys in hand!  We don’t have to break in. We don’t have to trespass. I’m licensed to help you there!

Certified! Let’s go find your HOME!

Lindsey Janicke-Tuff

REALTOR® | Licensed in MN & WI

We live in Woodbury, so it just makes sense to be able to work so close to home. We also own a rental propertya duplex in Menomonie, WI. We just recently acquired another investment property in New Richmond and are in the process of flipping that to sell come late spring as well. I know the market and can help others with exactly what they need, whether its buying, selling or investing!

MacKenzie Riewar

REALTOR® | Licensed in MN & WI

I like how dramatically things change when we cross the river from MN into WI. The landscapes are so different and it feels like an adventure. I particularly love showing river front property on the Wisconsin side of the St. Croix. 

Amy Rane Dills

REALTOR® | Licensed in MN & WI

Shoot us a message and let us know how we can help you in Wisconsin (or Minnesota of course):

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